Every Savvy Investor has two crucial primary indicators when they choose their next Investments.

  1. Passive Income
  2. Capital Growth

So lets look at this in a little more details

1. Passive Income is the investor’s best friend

All investors love monthly income. But most probably don’t see much difference between getting 7% per annum and 10% per annum return from their investment–either way they are satisfied that they are making money. While the difference of 3% per annum doesn’t sound like a huge amount, you might be amazed to discover the cumulative difference this small percentage can make to the amount of wealth created over time.

If, for instance, you invested £400,000 in property and received an annual rental income of 8% per annum (rising by an conservative 1% per annum and a capital property/land growth of 2% per annum) the property would be worth £1,330,479 after ten years.

If you invested in a property that had a 10% per annum rental yield, that investment would be worth £1,831,156 after ten years.

That is a staggering £500,677 difference. How much would a deal like this be worth to you if you could gain an additional £500,677 over ten years?

2. Creating wealth is about holding not selling

Too many people sell their investments to their own disadvantage. Often they feel they haven’t received a sufficient return or they don’t have the patience to realise that property is a long-term investment. Other times they sell because they want to buy in another area that they think is hot. To be successful you must resist the temptation to sell your property. The Smart Property Investors always buys and holds for the long term.

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