We want to make sure all our investors and readers know the most crucial advice they could take from an investment consultant.

1. Always go against the grain

Consider doing the opposite to what everyone else is doing. Buy when everyone sells; sell when they buy. Don’t listen to the media, do the opposite.

2. Don’t fear the gear

It’s perceived that debt is dangerous. Property debt can increase your return and get you a return faster. Know the difference between Good Debt and Bad Debt.

3. Buy high end

As mentioned, it’s worth paying market value for a better property in a nicer area of the town than it is to get a lower price property no-one else really wants. Stay away from bottom end of the market properties, they only attract bottom end tenants.

4. Remember it’s time in the market, not timing the market that counts

You can’t become a property millionaire overnight. The real secret to wealth is re-investing back into further properties. Aim for consistency.

5. Buy, Don’t Sell

Buy a quality properties in affluent areas and hold for the long term. This will be an appreciating asset for you that will start building up your equity, you can then re-mortgage and pull a deposit out for the next property.

6. Be passionate about your investments

Have a underlining belief in your investments. It will feed your drive and keep you laser focused.

7. Be growth driven

Your inner drive enables you to take them little calculated risks that very few others would make. If you focus on your investment results you will succeed faster.

8. Keep the cash flowing

Keep pulling out your equity in your properties to buy more properties. Its an effective way to keep your tax bill down.

9. Stick to your strategy

Plan out what works for you. And Stick to what is making you grow. Find a winning strategy and go with it

10. You can’t retire on property rents

Most people think you’ve got to pay property off as quickly as possible, and retire on rents. But often it’s the capital growth that makes the real money.

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