Sheffield is a city situated in South Yorkshire that boasts an extensive industrial history of the area. Sheffield is known the world over for its stainless steel industry. What was once considered the industrial capital in the country is beginning to be the destination that most young professionals relocate to in order to give their new careers a boost, also a hotspot for investors to buy properties in Sheffield.

With companies like Pimco Holdings, Aviva, IBM and Irwin Mitchell’s having major offices and headquarters within the city. See list of other major companies

To simply add to it all, Sheffield is a great place to invest. One can easily maintain an affordable lifestyle in the area and still make a good living at the same time.

Since the number of people moving into the area has increased in the past few years, official authorities have taken notice of this fact and have planned and implemented new ways to improve the basic infrastructure of the city all in anticipation of its expansion and growth.

Why Should Investors Buy Properties in Sheffield?

This unprecedented rate of economic boom and growth makes Sheffield a hot commodity at the moment, making it quite worth it for people to invest in right now. Property Investors are increasing their property portfolio’s to capitalise on the future growth.

Along with being a place that most young professionals are moving into, there are many other factors that make investing in properties around Sheffield lucrative.

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Here is how;

  • Affordability

    When you start to compare Sheffield with other parts of the country, like Manchester or Leeds, one thing would be immediately apparent to you, is the fact that compared to those cities; Sheffield is a whole lot more affordable.

    Landlords are now seeing their rental yields increasing as the demand surges from young working professionals and students alike.

  • Power-house

    Having been hailed as the “Northern Powerhouse” in most parts of Great Britain, it should come as no surprise that Government allocated funds place it at a prime position for some inward funding. With growing economic and infrastructure, the government has allotted more than £30 million annually to boost the economy and aids its improvement.

  • Economically Sound

    Sheffield is becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the UK that is now worth more than £7 Billion a year. Courtesy of the £30 million allocated into the wellbeing of Sheffield City Region to boost its economy, as many as 52,000 businesses have been created in the city which has taken care of as many as 700,000 jobs.

  • HS2 High Speed Rail

    Sheffield City Region has started preparing a growth strategy which will make Sheffield city regions maximize the economic opportunities, Investments and infrastructure in preparation of the HS2. Sheffield City Councils are encouraging inward Investments in Property, Education and infrastructure ahead of the Sheffield’s Strategic Economic Plan.

  • Young Population

    Sheffield currently has a population of as many as 560,000 individuals, more than a good half of which comprise of young people. These young people comprise of both those individuals that have just graduated from university and starting out, as well as those that are actually enrolled in university.

    This is because two of the largest universities in the country i.e. the Sheffield University and the Sheffield Hallam University are in the area, making student accommodation in high demand in the area. This increases the chances of private properties being modified and upgraded to support student accommodation, in city as well as the suburban area. These facts make this venture the best property investments in Sheffield.

  • Buy-To-Let Property

    Owning a property in the area is always going to be great in the grand scheme of things. As mentioned, two of the largest universities in the country are located in the city, making room for a high demand of student accommodation in the area. Additionally, young professional at the initial stages of their careers require both living as well as rental spaces, which is also something that you can take care of, only if you have a buy-to-let property. This makes for an ideal property investment in Sheffield.

  • Transportation

    Again, with the influx of young professionals as well students into the city at an extremely rapid rate, the sheer number of people living in the area is increasing on a daily basis. With its rather centralized position, the present railway and train services also impose a great chance for improvement in the area, which means that if you have property in the area or choose to invest in one, sometimes later, selling it would generate a sound profit. This ultimately forms a strong basis for argument, making a sound property investment in Sheffield.

  • Strong Economy

    Apart from the efforts of the government to ensure that Sheffield reaches its full potential as from an economic point of view, the area has quite a strong and robust economy at present. This makes Sheffield quite important for England, especially given its present value on the economic ladder.
    Sheffield is the soon to be a hub of development and economic grown in the country. This reason again makes sure that the people investing in this area will see great returns in yields and capital growth.

Closing Thoughts

At the moment property investment in Sheffield is a hot commodity, whilst development in the area is in its infancy, early investors are looking forward in seeing their investments grow in value as the city is blossoming, this being an opportune time for investors to take advantage of the prices and variety of property available for Investments. Citywide Investors are leading the intake of Investments to the area with key profitable sites that Property Investors are purchasing.