Bitcoin showing 98% ROI – New Blockchain Technology is changing the Investment World

As investors we are always on the search for making our money grow, we have predominantly invested in property which has year on year provided us with at least 10% Yielded income coupled with Capital growth on average of 7-10% Per annum.

To us old school Investors this is an ideal averse Investment Strategy, but as with all savvy Investors we are always on the look out for next new Investment vehicle that will increase our Investment Portfolio.

This brings us smoothly to the world of Crypto Currency and the world of Blockchain, over the last few months we have seen the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currency really making the headlines.

If you Invested in Bitcoin ( BTC) in September 2017 using just £9,000 and held on till today ( 27th November 2017) you would have seen a 54% return on your money, that £9,000 would today be worth £21,900.

Now as Investors that a great return for your investment- something that is not easily achieved especially when you have not done any manual labour like renovating, extending and then flipping the property. This is the Ultimate Buy and Hold Strategy with enormous Capital Gains.

High Risk = High Rewards which one of you have the stomach to step into this type of Investment with so much negative media surrounding this Industry, nevertheless If you were to really read up and conduct your own research you will understand that this shift into Digitising Currency is going to revolutionise the whole world, you can’t ignore the dynamics of this new technology known as the Blockchain.

It may take some time to get your head around this but millions of astute individuals around the globe are jumping into this industry and are enjoying the returns.

Just recently we had a seller who came through our website, Who appointed us to sell his property with a small caveat and that was he only wanted to accept Bitcoins as a method of payment, naturally as a forward thinking company who are always looking at new and interesting ways to grow our company gladly took the opportunity on.

The property is a 2 bedroom house in LEEDS that is currently rented and bringing in a yield of 11% pa – yours for 10BTC (subject to current BTC price index)

It is inevitable that you are going to see a lot more of similar transactions done entirely digital, the industry is moving and heading Digital

We are always happy to speak to other Investors who wish to either sell or buy investment properties in the UK or abroad, please get in touch with us to discuss anything investment related.

See you inside the Blockchain!