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Joint Venture Services

Have an idea for a joint venture? why not speak to our panel of experts!

As with all Citywide Investor deals, the Joint Venture proposal is agreed at the outset. We will suggest a profile of property and development tailored to the liquid funds available. We will also agree the Limited Company and share structure, which can be verified & set up by either Citywide Investors Solicitors or your own Solicitor.

Joint ventures involve a coming together of different parties to work on a collaborative project (a JV deal). Often, each party will contribute something different, whether it’s capital, skills, contacts or resources.

Secure Exit Strategies

Our Joint Venture exit strategies are also agreed at the outset and are tailored to your individual investment aims and aspirations. Some JVs are looking for a short term gain but others like a long term investment providing short term yields with long term capital appreciation.

If you would like to know more about our Joint Venture opportunities,

Please contact us on 0113 323 0678

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