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Consultancy Services

We can work as consultants for developers or investors

Our premium consultancy services at Citywide Investors provide added value to your investment by sharing our knowledge, experience, expertise and contacts, which results in increased efficiency & market leading yields or capital growth.

To acquire, develop, own and manage a property investment portfolio requires a significant amount of time and money, this also carries a high degree of risk for many. However, if you employ the right consultants with the right strategies at the right time then the rewards can be impressive.

Unique Approach

The difference between our service and others is that we bespoke our services to your individual investment aims and aspirations. We appreciate that all investors have different risk and involvement appetites which is why we have a range of investment services based around our Property Investment criteria.

Investment Analysis

Prior to acquiring a property, we can immediately summarise the predicted yield based on the standard development cost plus acquisition cost. This allows investors the assurance to decide not only to invest but which type of property to invest in.

Portfolio Management

We also offer a portfolio review service for landlords who currently hold a large portfolio which is under performing; we are able to work with clients in a number of ways to transform the portfolio into a collection of attractive and high yielding investments.

Another crucial unique selling point is our communication throughout the process. We will guide you through the process & provide support when needed. Our team of experienced and highly connected consultants will give you the latest techniques and strategies needed to maximise your Investment.
Once you purchase a property through us you automatically qualify to receive our future Property Investment Deals first, This will give you the added advantage of getting the deals before others. Many become long terms clients based on the results our model yields but also because of the service we provide.

New Build and Development Management

We also provide expert advice to developers. Our team can guide appropriate development and regeneration strategies, to identify opportunities and then can offer a ‘turn-key’ service to turn your vision into a reality. Citywide Investors has all of the key skills required to take a strategy, through to the initial appraisal and due diligence stages.

If you would like to know more about our model or opportunities,

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